A Fat Goblin

A Fat Goblin is an Act I quest of The Shadow Rune campaign made of two encounters.

A Fat Goblin – Encounter 1

A Fat Goblin - Encounter 1

Summary: there are 4 bundles of crops on the map. The Heroes must store as many as they can in the farm while the Goblins must carry them off the map.

Monsters: Goblin Archers, 1 open group.

Impact: each bundle of crops carried off the map by the Goblins will grant extra health to Splig during the second encounter.

Tactic: the Overlord needs to choose his open group carefully to block the Heroes from reaching the bundles of crops too fast. Large monsters with high defense or monsters that can immobilize are perfect for this task. Overlord cards such as Tripwire and Pit Trap can also be useful to delay the Heroes. Reinforcements of Golbins (Exit) and the open group (Entrance) make it hard for the Heroes to get the upper hand in this encounter. On the positive side, search tokens are not far off the main road.

A Fat Goblin – Encounter 2

A Fat Goblin - Encounter 2Summary: the Heroes must defeat Splig before he escapes the map. Splig must first interrogate the correct prisoner before making a run for the exit.

Monsters: SpligGoblin ArchersCave Spiders, 1 open group.

Rewards: each player receives 1 XP. The Heroes get 25 gold coins per Hero if they win, the Overlord 1 extra XP.

Errata and FAQ Version 1.0

Q: In Encounter 2 of “A Fat Goblin,” if the heroes manage to kill all the goblins before Splig finds Frederick, is this an automatic win for the Heroes? Can Splig go fetch/interrogate the remaining prisoners?
A: During Encounter 2 of “A Fat Goblin,” Splig can pick up and carry prisoners just like goblin archers. However, Splig must be in the Torture Chamber to interrogate the prisoner.

When you played A Fat Goblin, who won? The Heroes or the Overlord? What tactic can you share? Which special rules are not clear? Post a comment to make this section more useful!

3 thoughts on “A Fat Goblin

  1. I played this quest for the second time yesterday, but along with the Lair of the Wyrm expansion. Three heroes (Reynhart as a Knight, Jain as a Woodlander and Avric as a Spiritspeaker) against me as the Overlord. I lost but there were two interesting parts.

    Encounter 1: the Heroes managed to draw a Secret Room card from the search deck. They needed more time to gather the remaining search tokens, so they sent Jain carrying one quest token (a bundle of crop) into the secret room where monsters cannot enter. There are 3 challenge tokens in the room and the overlord has the option to remove 1 per turn, so they did manage to buy more time AND get more treasures. A clever move!

    Encounter 2: I want to block the heroes from reaching Splig as much as I can, so I use a red Shadow Dragon in the tiny room as my open group. There’s a tiny flaw in my positioning and Jain manages to slip past the dragon while the other 2 heroes are stuck trying to hurt it with shit weapons against 2 grey defense dice. Goblins fight Jain and Splig interrogates 3 wrong prisoners before finding the good one. Quest ends almost 10 rounds after a desperate attempt from Splig to flee. Splig is defeated… and the dragon is still standing.

  2. Summary of my 3rd campaign where I finally get to play a hero.

    Expansions: core game + Lair of the Wyrm.
    Overlord: basic deck + Blood Rage.
    Heroes: Avric (Disciple with 1xp), Leoric (Geomancer with Stone Tongue), Reynhart (Champion with Inspiring Presence).

    Encounter 1: the Overlord uses Merriods as the open group and pretty much kicks our ass straight from the first round with the master Merriod’s Flail ability. We manage to salvage 1 bundle of crop while the Goblin Archers are already well on their way to the exit. At least we grabbed all search tokens…

    Encounter 2: the open group is made of Hybrid Sentinels. Splig has 9 extra health because of the previous encounter for a total of 18 and manages to interrogate the good prisoner on his first attempt. Things look grim. However, a well planned strategy with the Geomancer saves the day. Using Stone Tongue, Leoric keeps summoning stones (max of 2) to block Splig from entering corridors and escaping.

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