Descent in the Dark (www.descentinthedark.com) is a fan built website for Descent : Journeys in the Dark, an addictive dungeon crawling boardgame published by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).

There are more than 500 entries in this tactical compendium. We try to cover every single piece of information about the game with detailed entries, but it’s really up to you to post comments, ask questions and share tactics!

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can find anything within a few clicks by using the Glossary tab or the search box in the top right corner.

We are now using WordPress. The website auto-resizes for all devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), so you can use this strategic companion anytime! It’s also a lot easier to post comments. Ask questions, share strategies, give feedback!

Ezhaeu, webmaster

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  1. Are you ever gonna do the monsters from the conversion kit? Great site by the way, thanks for putting all of this together (including first edition)!

    • I finally added all 25 monsters from the Conversion Kit, but I’m missing the back of the cards. If someone can send me the scans at:

      w e b m a s t e r @ d e s c e n t i n t h e d a r k . c o m

  2. THANK YOU so much for making a 2nd edition section to your website. I have used it countless times for the first one, and I am really looking forward to using the 2nd ed part.
    Keep up the awesome work.

    Cheers from France.

  3. Can a hero wield two, one-handed, melee weapons at the same time, and if so, does he add both dice pools together during his attack? This seems unfair for the Overlord.

    • Yes, a hero can wield two one-handed weapons at the same time. However, he can only use one of them per attack.

      The rules (p.12) state: “The player must also declare which equipped weapon his hero is using. Heroes may either attack with one equipped weapon or their bare hands. […] Only abilities on the chosen weapon may be used; if equipped with two weapons, abilities on the other weapon are ignored for the attack.”

      The only advantage to wield 2 one-handed weapons is if the hero spends 2 actions attacking. He could do the 1st attack with a one-handed melee weapon and the 2nd attack with a one-handed ranged weapon like the Crossbow for example.

        • Nope. Not anymore. There is no such thing as off-hand bonuses in 2nd Ed.

          However, some expansion characters are good while dual-wielding weapons, such as Tahlia. She gains movement points on kills, can make free attacks and if you pair her with the skirmisher class, you can benefit from both weapon powers at the same time in a single attack!

          I tried the combo and she’s like a raging table saw.

  4. Your website saved us countless of times. My friends just bought D2E (at my suggestion) two weeks ago and they had a blast. I agreed to play as the Overlord so I can teach them the game.

    Really looking forward if you can upload some images and information from “Lair of the Wyrm” expansion.

    KUDOS! \m/

    • I need some contributors that can help me update this website. Interested? You need to have the original English game and know a bit how WordPress works.

      w e b m a s t e r @ d e s c e n t i n t h e d a r k . c o m

  5. Is there any chance that search cards will be added? I can’t make myself an idea about the use of searching a token, or rather pass it and do other actions, so I’d like to study the gains and % of getting the same items (if any is repeated in the game).

    Maybe I’ll play soon with the DJITD2 a friend has brought but I’d like to know better the game before starting so he doesn’t have advantages. 😉 Thanks.

  6. Does the Conversion Kit have also the reference cards of Nara the Fang & Torbin? And what about the six new heroes from Dungeonquest? Are they in?

  7. Phenomenal site! Are you going to add the Lair of the Wyrm cards (shop, search, monster, etc…) soon? I can scan and send them if you want.

  8. Great website! Just a request: more adds on SoB campaign (1 ed) would be helpfull, for we start a brand new SoB experience just few days ago!

  9. Hi guys I was wondering if you are going to add the rest of the content from Labyrinth of Ruin. I will be the new overlord in our next campaign and I wanted to be able to formulate strategies when I dont have the game in front of me and the info here really helps a lot 🙂

  10. Hi everyone,

    Site has tons of entries, but I still need help to complete a few things:
    – scans of the travel cards of Labyrinth of Ruin
    – scans of the back of the monster cards from the Conversion Kit
    – scans of the 6 new Lieutenant packs plot cards

    If you want to help, write to me at:
    w e b m a s t e r @ d e s c e n t i n t h e d a r k . c o m

    No help = no update.



  11. I tried to look up the Skirmisher from the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion, but could not find him. I don’t have a scanner here, otherwise I might have mailed something. Am I overlooking them or is it that you still need more scans?

    And as more have said, love the work that you do!

  12. First of all, I would like to thank Ezhaeu for his great work. It’s a very nice site.

    Then, I’m writing here because I would like to know if their is any place where I can find Descent 2nd edition players to play with. I live in montreal and my friends are more video game players than board game geek like me. So if any one would do a campaign with me it would be great, I’m looking for a 5 players campaign in The Shadow Rune. Let me know.

  13. is a shame this website isn’t active for such a long time, while there are many expansion on the way i hope yo will include the new cards cause is the only site i know that has them in such high res

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