Avric Albright


“I pledge myself to those in need. I will be their shield, their light in the darkness.”


Avric Albright spent 3 years as a soldier assigned to the Citadel of Archaut before hearing his calling. He traveled to Vynelvale to join the priesthood, but never arrived. On the way, one innocent’s cry for help led to another quest to rescue a small town, to another adventure deep beneath the earth… And so it goes for Avric, a man so devoted to the principles of his religion he cannot find the time to be inducted into its holy orders. Still, none doubt his faith nor his blessings.

5 thoughts on “Avric Albright

  1. does this herioc ability mean that any hero within 3 spaces of avric can spend a surge when they attack to heal 1 health?
    also as it isnt that clear to us. if avric or another hero were to gain 2 surges, could they then spend 2 surges to gain 2 health?

    this has seemed pretty androgenous to us from day 1 so any advice would be much appreciated
    thanks 🙂

    • Yes, it means all Heroes within 3 spaces of Avric gain that ability (same as if these Heroes were carrying weapons that give “surge: +1 health”). This means you can only use 1 surge per attack to gain 1 health, but you could spend 2 actions to do 2 attacks, and possibly spend 1 surge on each attack to gain a total of 2 health.

  2. Exactly. you can never use multiple surges for the same surge effect. that is why certain items (like weapons) have the same surge effect posted twice, effectively meaning, you can use these effects on multiple surges.

  3. I’m thinking about Avric as Soulspeaker! Is he the “best” choice in this class? Ok we have the “Elder Mok” I would prefer in a 4P game. But we play in 3P! So the Moks ability and Vigor in combine looses against the Spirits (i think!). So, Avric compensate the missing good healing skills!

    • I would prefer Mok as spiritspeaker
      With his ability, he can heal himself 2hp with only 1 of fatigue…and if you combine as I said Drain Spirits + Ancestor Spirits you can heal 4 hp of Mok and 2 fatigue (so both abilitys are free of fatigue) and also you heal 2 hp and 1 fatigue to other heroes withing 3 spaces of you…
      I think that Mok is the best healer in the game, but Avric is good too

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