Castle Daerion

Castle Daerion is an Act I quest of The Shadow Rune campaign made of two encounters.

Castle Daerion – Encounter 1

Castle Daerion - Encounter 1Summary: the Heroes need to light 4 beacons while stopping the Overlord from killing the 4 villagers.

Monsters: 2 open groups.

Errata and FAQ Version 1.2

Quest Guide, page 6, “Castle Daerion,” Special Rules: Villager Health should be 8 instead of 6.

Castle Daerion – Encounter 2

Castle Daerion - Encounter 2Summary: the Overlord needs to defeat Sir Palamon before he marshals 5 Militiamen or before the Heroes defeat Alric and all master monsters.

Monsters: Sir Alric Farrow, Ettins, Zombies, 1 open group.

Rewards: each player receives 1 XP. The Heroes get 25 gold coins per Hero if they win, the Overlord 1 extra XP.

Errata and FAQ Version 1.2

Quest guide, page 7, “Castle Daerion.” Setup should read: “Any surviving villagers from Encounter 1 are placed on the Entrance tile or the closest available empty spaces at the end of the last hero’s first turn.”

Quest Guide, page 7, “Castle Daerion,” Special Rules: Add, “After testing to marshal defenders, Sir Palamon may perform 1 move action.”

In addition, the brown defense die listed for Sir Palamon’s Defense should be a gray defense die instead, and instead of 0, his listed Speed should be 4.

When you played Castle Daerion, who won? The Heroes or the Overlord? What tactic can you share? Which special rules are not clear? Post a comment to make this section more useful!

8 thoughts on “Castle Daerion

  1. It’s a nice quest, with an itresting plot. When I played last time this adventure (as OL), I choose Shadow Dragon and Merriods for the first part, and I was able to kill a lot of villagers. So, in the second part of the quest, heroes were in evident disavantage….even if they won, anyway!

  2. Finally, this quest has been officially rectified in the last FAQ (1.2). It was way too easy for the Overlord to surround Sir Palamon and beat him to death in a few rounds.

  3. Summary of my 3rd campaign where I finally get to play a hero.

    Expansions: core game + Lair of the Wyrm.
    Overlord: basic deck + Blood Rage (x2).
    Heroes: Avric (Disciple with Divine Fury), Leoric (Geomancer with Stone Tongue and 1xp), Reynhart (Champion with Inspiring Presence and 1xp), Tomble (Thief with Appraisal and Sneaky).

    Encounter 1: the 4 heroes are faced with Shadow Dragons right after the entrance, while some bloodthirsty Barghests are lurking far away in the cabin. In between are 4 beacons to be lit and 4 villagers to be saved. Using a lot of fatigue, we ignore the dragons, light a beacon and move to the 2nd room where we try to rally the villagers. The master Dragon keeps breathing fire on all of us while the Barghests are howling and slowly killing the villagers. After a few rounds, Tomble sneaks past and lights the last beacon, but 2 villagers are dead.

    Encounter 2: 2 extra Zombies for the Overlord and 2 Militiamen for the Heroes. Sir Palamon takes a severe beating from the Ettins and the Flesh Moulders during the 1st turn, but then retreats behind a wall of heroes and summoned stones from the Geomancer (we use the rules from the FAQ and Sir Palamon is not a sitting duck anymore). Palamon keeps calling reinforcement turn after turn, forcing Alric Farrow to move in and use Overpowered to push all heroes aside and cause panic among the militia. The greedy heroes collect the last remaining treasure tokens and achieve victory.

  4. Played with the base 2nd ed only. Using errata 1.2 (villagers having 8 health)
    The OL started this quest with Flesh Moulders in the back and Barghests up front (blocking the door and torch). The heroes make quick work of the Barghests with their blast ability and were able to get the first torch pretty easily.

    The OL made quick work of the villager in back, except it took all of the flesh moulders to kill one villager.

    The heroes effectively used the villager ability to open and close doors to hide inside the cabin and ruins, closing the door each time to burn a monster action. One more villager was killed before the end when a Barghest had a frenzy and was able to move through a door, across the cabin and attack the last villager.

    The map ended with 2 villagers slain and 2 alive.

    — Encounter 2 —
    It’s not complete yet, but the Ettins have proven to be difficult to defeat. They also effectively throw the militiaman around since they automatically fail any attribute test. After a few throws and flesh moulders healing any wounded ettin, Sir Alric Farrow was able to advance on Sir Palamon.

    We currently stand with Sir Palamon having 3 fatigue points. The ettins unable to reach him due to positioning of heroes, and Sir Alric Farrow standing next to Sir Palamon.

  5. So I just played the first encounter with my roommates the other night, when we started a new campaign. They haven’t played Descent before, but one is very committed to learning all the in’s and out’s (more specifically, looking for ways to trip up the OL, who I inevitably have to play). Anyway, he argued that villagers should be able to light beacons, and since they pass every attribute test they take, they light it automatically, without even burning an action. I gave up and let him have it pretty quickly, because I just wanted to stop arguing and start the game. In my eyes, even though it says “treat them like hero figures”,it specially says they can move, open close doors, and those are the only two actions they can take. If they could light beacons, you could conceivably win the encounter in one turn. He argues that it says hero’s can attempt to light a beacon without an action by taking an attribute test, and the villagers pass attribute tests automatically. This may seem like a stupid question (trust me I feel it is) but I’m just looking for some validation of the obvious here.
    TL/DR : Villagers CANNOT light beacons, correct?

  6. During encounter 2 you have to place the zombies to the tiles between the rumbles in the throne room. That is because according to errata and FAQ sir Palamon can move. this way he can’t escape the throne room to the stairs where the heroes can easily protect him.

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