Errata and FAQ Version 1.2

Q: What happens when a figure is Immobilized during a move action?
A: That figure’s move action immediately ends, and that figure’s remaining movement points are reduced to 0.

Q: When Immobilized, can a figure use skills and abilities that allow movement not related to a move action?
A: Yes. Any skill or ability that does not refer to performing a move action may be used while a figure is Immobilized. This includes skills or abilities that remove a figure from the map and place it in another space, skills or abilities that allow a figure to move an amount of spaces based upon its Speed, and skills and abilities by which a figure can gain movement points.


Errata and FAQ Version 1.0

Q: Does the Stunned condition take away a figure’s entire turn?
A: No, the Stunned condition causes a figure to use its first action to discard the Condition card. After a Stunned card or token is discarded, the figure is free to perform a second action. If a figure becomes Stunned during its turn after performing its first action, its second action must be used to discard the Stunned card or token.