Venture into the Manor

Manor of Ravens Is Now Available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition

A raven winged silently over the two figures approaching the tumbledown mansion. Both moved cautiously, with the economy of motion shown by seasoned adventurers. At the moldering wooden doors of the mansion, the woman swung her warhammer against the doors, and…

Healing Runes and Serpent Demons

Preview Andira Runehand and the Medusae from Crusade of the Forgotten

The cult of the Forgotten spreads throughout Terrinoth like infection through a body, and only the efforts of a few noble heroes can stop it from growing further. In the Crusade of the Forgotten Hero and Monster Collection for…

Heroic Endeavors

Preview Two New Heroes and Hero Classes from Manor of Ravens

In the forests near Greyhaven, there lies a haunted manor. By day, bandits raid the house for moldering treasures and arcane artifacts. By night, terrifying wraiths wisp through the halls, devouring the soul of any adventurer foolish enough to enter. As if these fearsome…

Claim the Crown

Crown of Destiny Is Now Available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition

The power to reshape past, present, and future lies before you in the Crown of Destiny Hero and Monster Collection, now available at your local retailer!

In this expansion for

Guardians of Deephall

Announcing an Upcoming Hero and Monster Collection for Descent Second Edition

The stronghold of Deephall was once home to a thriving, peaceful community, but now, the mountain city lies under constant threat of invasion. A horde of undead, led by dark priests, attacks Deephall constantly. These unending…

Vengeance and Rage

Preview Giants and Brother Gherinn from Crown of Destiny

Rumors are whispered throughout Terrinoth of a mystical mountain. The rumors say that anyone who finds the mountain and climbs to its summit may reshape their entire life – both past and future. You can discover the truth of these tales…

Born of Magic

Preview the Skarn Lieutenant Pack for Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Deep within a haunted manor, a new threat has been created. Skarn is a magical construct infused with life by the death of a high mage, and he possesses the ability to increase his size and strength endlessly by incorporating pieces of his environment. If left…