Crusade of the Forgotten

Crusade of the Forgotten is an Act I rumor from Crusade of the Forgotten expansion made of a single encounter.

Crusade of the Forgotten – Encounter 1

Crusade of the ForgottenSummary: there are 5 villagers. The Heroes must rescue 3 of them and the Overlord must sacrifice 3 of them.

Monsters: Medusae, Barghests, 1 open group.

Rewards: if the Overlord wins, he gets the Forgotten Sorcery Overlord card.


Golem - Act II - Front - Crusade of the Forgotten Golem - Act II - Back - Crusade of the Forgotten

Golem - Act I - Front - Conversion Kit

Golem - Act I - Back - Conversion KitGolem - Act II - Front - Conversion Kit


Relics of a previous age, many now wonder free, their bodies having outlasted their bonds. Their minute sentience is easy to manipulate, giving many upstart mages illusions of grandeur, only to be swiftly crushed by a temperamental whim. Forged with runic stones, only a seasoned mage can master these magical constructs.


Sorcerer - Act II - Front - Crusade of the ForgottenSorcerer - Act II - Back - Crusade of the Forgotten

Sorcerer - Act I - Front - Conversion Kit

Sorcerer - Act I - Back - Conversion KitSorcerer - Act II - Front - Conversion Kit


Every practitioner of the dark arts knows that there is a pit from which they cannot return, a threshold across which they cannot retreat. A sorcerer has embraced this fate, surrendering his humanity for greater power and knowledge. no longer bound by the laws of man, a sorcerer can tap into magic not intended for the mortals he abandoned.


Medusa - Act II - Front - Crusade of the Forgotten Medusa - Act II - Back - Crusade of the Forgotten

Medusa - Act I - Front - Conversion Kit

Medusa - Act I - Back - Conversion KitMedusa - Act II - Front - Conversion Kit


Years ago, a den of medusae spun a myth that their gaze could turn a man to stone. Since that time, many a fool has entered the lairs of these serpent demons, wielding ineffectual shields of glass or stumbling forward with their eyes closed tight. The complicated hexes of the medusae are weaved with ease upon men who refuse to watch.


Tahlia - Crusade of the ForgottenTahlia - Conversion Kit


“We will only prevail when evil fears the darkness more than it hates the light.”


There was a time when the slums of Irram became infected with strange and wicked cults. The poor became slaves, the temples closed their doors, and the city rotted from within. Leading a small band of vigilantes, night after night Tahlia would storm basements and back rooms, searching out the cultists. She would pass over the wicked like a shadow, disappearing into the night before a body could hit the ground.


Tetherys - Crusade of the ForgottenTetherys - Conversion Kit


“I am a daughter of darkness and a companion of chaos; fate has forgotten my name.”


Nine of Terrinoth’s most talented and experienced assassins were tasked to infiltrate the cult of the Forgotten and slay its leader. Within a month, all but Tetherys had been rooted out and killed. For thirteen years, she devoted herself to the cult and its practices, working her way deeper into their ranks. Few believed it was her when she reemerged, but the cult splintered and died within days. Now she wanders the world, searching for a worthy mission.


Astarra - Crusade of the ForgottenAstarra - Conversion Kit


“You’d be surprised what you can learn when you’ve no one to tell you how to think.”


In each generation, a few brilliant minds provide small contributions to the growth and establishment of rune magic. The decades of dedication necessary fort his task never interested Astarra, who preferred a quicker, more direct path. Even after being expelled from the University of Greyhaven for knowing far more than she should, Astarra continued to develop her gift by seeking out Runemasters who would share their secrets.

Andira Runehand

Andira Runehand - Crusade of the ForgottenAndira Runehand - Conversion Kit


“To me, brave friends! Gather to my voice and light!”


When Andira charged headlong into the demonic horde at Silverholt, everyone believed she was a divine intervention. Raising her hand and banner high, she scattered the Uthuk vanguard without striking a single blow. The rune upon her palm bears proof of supernatural gifting, but her authoritative teachings leave many wondering the extent of her calling. Some go so far to proclaim her the sister or bride of Kellos.