Some spaces on the map have a terrain type as defined by the color-coded line around the space or spaces. These spaces have effects on gameplay as listed below. Sometimes a colored line will surround multiple spaces. All spaces surrounded by a colored line follow the rules for that terrain type. Examples of the artwork are also listed below. Many map tiles also feature artwork that does not directly affect gameplay. All spaces on a map tile that are not surrounded by a specific colored line as listed here are treated as normal spaces regardless of the artwork.


Water spaces are defined by a blue line surrounding them. A space containing water
costs two movement points to enter (instead of the normal cost of one). Any figure entering a water space must spend two movement points to enter or it cannot enter that space. When a large monster ends its movement adjacent to a water space, it may freely place its base in the water spaces without suffering any movement penalty.


Pit spaces are defined by a green line surrounding them. If a figure enters a space containing a pit, that figure falls into the pit, suffers two damage, and ends its move action. A figure in a pit only has line of sight to adjacent figures, and only adjacent figures have line of sight to a figure in a pit. While in a pit, the only action the figure can perform is a special
action to climb out of the pit. After performing one action to climb out of the pit, place the figure in the closest available empty adjacent space of the controlling player’s choice. Figures cannot jump over a pit space. Large monsters are only affected by pits if they end their movement and all spaces they occupy are pit spaces.


Lava spaces are defined by a yellow line surrounding them. A figure entering a space containing lava immediately suffers one damage. Any figure that ends its turn in a lava space is immediately defeated. Heroes that are defeated in this way place their hero token in the nearest empty space (from where they were defeated) that does not contain lava. A large monster is immediately defeated only if all spaces it occupies are lava spaces.

Errata and FAQ Version 1.2

Q: Does a large monster suffer damage when “expanding” into spaces containing lava?
A: No. A figure only suffers damage when entering a space containing lava. When ending its movement, the large monster is only considered to have entered the one space in which it ended its movement.