Descent is back!

Hello Descent Fans,

A quick work from the new management here. I’m excited to be taking over the site. Obviously the first task is to get the content caught up to the latest descent expansion and news, but after that I had some ideas for some new site functionality. Not to give too much away, but I was thinking about a Random Hero/Monster selector, for those of us that play one-shots. Or maybe a place to house some Descent Vault creations from the community. Feel free to let me know your ideas on what you might like to see. In any case, as the site ownership changes hands I’d like to assure the fans that the site isn’t going to lose anything, and will only continue to grow.



Looking for Descent fan to take over the website

Dear Descent fans,

I am looking for someone to take over As you might have noticed, this website hasn’t been updated for more than a year and the latest expansions are all missing. I would prefer not to shut it down and find someone to take over.


  • You must be an active member of (to make sure I am not selling this website to some link builder)
  • You must pay 100$ via Paypal (to show you are serious and not a 7-year old kid)
  • You are not allowed to put ads on this website (FFG legal advisor contacted me before)
  • You are not allowed to put a donate button¬†(FFG legal)
  • You are not allowed to show scans of more than 72 dpi (FFG legal)
  • You should have knowledge of WordPress for the section about the 2nd edition and knowledge of HTML for the messy section about the 1st edition

If you are interested, please contact user “Ezhaeu” on BoardGameGeek.

I have spent dozens of hours on this website, but now have a board game shop to look over. I’d like to leave the task of keeping this compendium alive to another fan.