5 thoughts on “Laurel of Bloodwood

  1. Stamina of 5 instead of 3 (Conversion Kit). The hero ability is worded a bit differently and the heroic feat is way nicer. So far, it seems FFG make the old heroes more powerful than their equivalent of the Conversion Kit (hopefully not to boost sales).

    • I think so far they have upgraded the ones that were a bit underpowered. Be interesting to see what they do to Nanok if he is ever re-released…

      On a side note my Conversion kit is in the post, would you like me to scan the back of the monsters cards and send them to you so you can upload here?

  2. Not convinced it’s an issue. A number of the heroes in the conv kit were not played as they were obviously weaker. As long as they reduce the op heroes like silhouette increasing some of the underpowered ones makes sense to me. Z

  3. I’ve always like Laurel’s CK version for Descent 2nd. I thought she was still powerful, even though she only had 3 STA. In fact, being a Wildlander was always the appropriate choice for her. With the added STA -> 5 and reworked feat, she’s that much more of a good hero choice.

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