Logan Lashley

Logan Lashley


“There is no question that you need me. The question is, can you afford me?”


Never one to volunteer out of the goodness of his heart, Logan Lashley works for the highest bidder and knows a good score when he sees one. Skilled enough to have amassed plenty of wealth to live out his days, he continues to ply his trade out of sheer enjoyment. Though loyalty is not high on his list of personal traits, he knows the value of a good ally, meat-shield, or scapegoat…

Errata and FAQ Version 1.3

Q: Can Logan Lashley use his Hero Ability if the attack he performs is a miss?
A: Yes.

4 thoughts on “Logan Lashley

  1. I don’t understand how his heroic feat can work after a miss? Only if somehow the miss still dies at least 1 damage?

  2. No, the above question refers to the hero ability, not the heroic feat. Of course a miss never deals damage.

  3. The FAQ refers to his Hero ability not his Heroic feat.

    His hero ability occurs after an attack is completely resolved (whether it missed or not). His Heroic feat requires an attack to do damage (therefore not miss, as I don’t think there is a way for Logan to do damage if an attack misses)

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