3 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked

  1. Big question about movement points. A friend exhausted a fatigue to gain a movement point. In response, the OL played “No rest for the Wicked” in an attempt to move one of his monsters once the player used his movement point. Of course, after the card was played, the hero did not want to move. Of course he could choose not to use his fatigue’d MP, but the tricky part comes in when he chooses to gain MPs off of his stamina (as per movement action). When he moves, and only wants to move up to his max stamina worth, what happens with the fatigue MP? Would that point be spent BEFORE the Stamina MPs? i.e. is the fatigue MP “stacked” as priority over the other MP’s? Or are all the points in the pool be assigned individually?

    To clarify… NRftW is played after Fatigue is spent for MP. After additional MP is gained by the Stamina Movement action, and then he moves at all, does the OL still get the ability to move a monster?

    Does the fatigue MP get priority in total MPs once declared?

  2. I would say the extra movement point is done one at a time. Pay one fatigue, move, pay, move. So the OL would play the card after the first extra movement. Player could then chose of he wanted to spend more knowing the OL would move monster as well. I’m not sure if that answers your question.

    • Disagree. When you pay fatigue, you’re not forced to move right away. You can save the MovPoint for later in the turn. So, you could pay, save, pay, save, do actions, and then move. And now is when OL can move the monster (choosing a monster for every point you move). If you move by other means, then you MUST declare wich spaces are fatigue-spaces. But you´re never forced.

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