Errata and FAQ Version 1.2

Overlord card, “Reinforce”: The card should read, “Play this card at the end of your turn and choose a master monster on the map. Place minion monsters of that monster’s group in empty spaces adjacent to that monster, up to the group limit.”

2 thoughts on “Reinforce

  1. could it be that this errata make this card nearby useless? In most situations the heroes will kill the master first! In special in our games, the master fall without having an action!
    Why we got this errata? In some games this card could be useful in its original sound! maybe to summon monsters at a place for destroying tokens! Or elsewise in cardinals plight, i think our overlord discharmed the rules, to summon much of zombies???

  2. But think that if you have reinforcements in the adventure, you can reinfoce the master monster and then play this card, so you have again all the group on the map.
    This card have a very big errata at the begining cause in some adventures you can win inmediatly if you play this card, and its obvious that they have to change it 😉

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