6 thoughts on “Shadow Hunter

  1. So, since this doesn’t count as the Wolf’s activation, you can use this ability, then re-summon him, and activate him (potentially attacking with him) all in 1 turn, correct?

  2. this card coresponds wit the “teleport spell”, because after the teleport, you can use those cool surge chances with this roll, and after you resummon the wolf, attack with those cool surges 🙂

  3. As neither this skill nor Bound by the Hunt exhaust when used, could one conceivably repeatedly re-summon the wolf in order to make 2 or even 3 Shadow Hunter attacks in a single turn?

  4. Can this ability be used multiple times per turn? Use this before activating the wolf, resummon the wolf, and use it again (and maybe resummon and use a third time) ?
    I don’t see any ‘exhaust’ on it.

    • From Justin Kemppainen (FFG staff):

      “Shadow Hunter can only be triggered during the timing of the Beastmaster’s turn where he can activate the Wolf (before or after the 2 actions). Thus, he could trigger Shadow Hunter, perform 2 actions (one of which is to use Bound by the Hunt), and then trigger Shadow Hunter again. It can be used more than once, but only before/after the Beastmaster’s actions.”

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