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This peaceful-seeming priestess of the Sudanyan tradition has lived alone in the wilderness for many years, her days filled with base survival needs and endless meditation. Beautiful and powerful, she knows the time draws near when she will be called to serve the ancient city, and she has no intention of shirking her duty.

Carrion Drakes

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As bottomfeeding scavengers, the carrion drakes subsist upon disease and decay. Often found near bodies of water and holding a tendency towards nocturnal activity, one finds these vile creatures more than willing to adjust habits when there’s something to devour nearby, even if there’s a fair amount life remaining to the poor soul…



Created from the still-rotting corpse of a dead man, zombies are common both as minions of vile necromancers and unfortunate side-effects of dark magic. All zombies can carry noxious disease, and the stronger, cleverer sort have been known to seize their prey and hold it in place, waiting for the slow-moving horde to catch up.

Errata and FAQ Version 1.0

Q: Can zombies be affected by a “Dash” Overlord card?
A: Yes, a zombie can perform two move actions during its activation if a “Dash” card is played on it.