Some hero abilities and class skills give heroes control over creatures known as familiars. These familiars are represented by a token on the map and cannot be targeted or affected by any attack (unless otherwise noted, see “Familiars Treated as Figures”).

A hero player may activate each familiar his hero controls once during his hero turn (either before or after resolving all of his hero’s actions). Activating a familiar does not require an action, but it may not interrupt any other action. Essentially, a hero player with a familiar must choose whether to activate his hero first or his familiar first. Regardless, both may
be activated during his turn.

When activated, a familiar may perform a move action following the same rules as heroes. Familiars treat any special terrain (other than obstacles) as water during their movement. The familiar may perform additional types of actions during its activation, as noted on its Familiar card. These additional actions, unless otherwise noted, may be performed in addition to the move action and may interrupt the move action in a way similar to hero move actions. If no such other actions are noted, then all the familiar can do on its turn is move up to its Speed value.

Normally, a space containing a familiar does not block line of sight or movement, unless otherwise noted on its Familiar card. Any figure may end its movement in a space with a familiar. Likewise, a familiar may end its movement in a space containing a figure.

Example: During her turn, Widow Tarha decides to activate her Reanimate before her activation. Tarha moves the Reanimate up to its Speed of “3,” attacks a barghest, and then proceeds with her activation.