Carrion Drakes

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As bottomfeeding scavengers, the carrion drakes subsist upon disease and decay. Often found near bodies of water and holding a tendency towards nocturnal activity, one finds these vile creatures more than willing to adjust habits when there’s something to devour nearby, even if there’s a fair amount life remaining to the poor soul…

Hybrid Sentinel

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Nobody knows exactly where they came from, but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that hybrids are a force to be reckoned with! They walk like men, fly like dragons, and devastate anything in their path. While their sense of honor and duty may not be understood by most people, they have both in ample supply and will fight to the death to defend their kin.

Errata and FAQ Version 1.3

Q: How does the hybrid sentinel’s “Prey on the Weak” ability affect a figure that is treated as a hero but does not have attribute values, such as a familiar?
A: It has no effect on that figure.