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As the corruption that slumbers beneath Nerekhall stirs, it seems to spread among the populace. Whether the changelings, as they are called, are demonic creatures that duplicate and replace innocent civilians, or those civilians are somehow transformed into these awful beings, is unknown. Either way, something must be done before all of Nerekhall falls under their sway.


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The only predator in all of Terrinoth that survives in every climate and culture. They take because they want to, thrive when others fall, and their only regret is the amount of effort it requires. Unable to eradicate this unfortunate consequence of civilization, it is left to the heroes of each generation to once again hold these scoundrels in check.

Carrion Drakes

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As bottomfeeding scavengers, the carrion drakes subsist upon disease and decay. Often found near bodies of water and holding a tendency towards nocturnal activity, one finds these vile creatures more than willing to adjust habits when there’s something to devour nearby, even if there’s a fair amount life remaining to the poor soul…


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It takes many, many years in the deepest of underground caves for a simple spider to mutate to such an absurd size, but thus far their reclusive nature has typically led them to be seldom encountered. Why these terrible creatures have emerged from their dark hovels is unknown, but it bodes ill tidings for all of the surface dwelling peoples.

Goblin Witcher

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None are certain of how the slightly dimwitted goblin race managed to discover and utilize magic, but no one can question the result. Though blunt, brutal, and undeniably evil, these goblin sorcerers have proven themselves equal parts vicious and effective, possessing a power most believe to be far beyond their intellect.

Volucrix Reaver

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The origin of these terrifying creatures is a great mystery, and no scholar in his right mind would dare to investigate lest he discover more intimately what they are capable of. With no intention or goal besides mindless slaughter, these bladed horrors are nigh unstoppable, especially when found in large numbers.

Hybrid Sentinel

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Nobody knows exactly where they came from, but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that hybrids are a force to be reckoned with! They walk like men, fly like dragons, and devastate anything in their path. While their sense of honor and duty may not be understood by most people, they have both in ample supply and will fight to the death to defend their kin.

Errata and FAQ Version 1.3

Q: How does the hybrid sentinel’s “Prey on the Weak” ability affect a figure that is treated as a hero but does not have attribute values, such as a familiar?
A: It has no effect on that figure.