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The only predator in all of Terrinoth that survives in every climate and culture. They take because they want to, thrive when others fall, and their only regret is the amount of effort it requires. Unable to eradicate this unfortunate consequence of civilization, it is left to the heroes of each generation to once again hold these scoundrels in check.


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It takes many, many years in the deepest of underground caves for a simple spider to mutate to such an absurd size, but thus far their reclusive nature has typically led them to be seldom encountered. Why these terrible creatures have emerged from their dark hovels is unknown, but it bodes ill tidings for all of the surface dwelling peoples.

Cave Spider


Large, aggressive, and frequently hunting in packs, there are few monsters more dangerous than the venomous cave spiders of the Shadow Peaks. In recent years they have spread far beyond their usual territory, and some of the spiders now hunt with numerous sticky webs…

Errata and FAQ Version 1.0

Q: If a hero is adjacent to a master cave spider and he has suffered fatigue equal to his Stamina, can he suffer a damage instead of a fatigue as payment for the spider’s Web ability?
A: Yes, the hero would suffer 1 damage if he moves out of his current space.



Lurking beneath the lakes, streams, and swamps of Terrinoth, merriods use their powerful, flexible tentacles to immobilize their prey. They then squeeze the life out of them or, if feeling particularly cruel, eat them while still alive. The flailing tentacles of a merriod are a hazard to even the most seasoned adventurer.