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Skill Card, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

Skill Type: Subterfuge
Effect: You may move through enemy figures. In addition, you may enter and move through obstacles (but not other props, such as scything blades or boulders) without effect. You may not end your movement or make an attack from a space occupied by either another figure or an obstacle that blocks movement.

Road to Legend

The Acrobat skill can be learned at Dawnsmoor in the Road to Legend Advanced Campaign.

Sea of Blood

The Acrobat skill is not available in the Sea of Blood Advanced Campaign.

II - Tactics

Acrobat is the best skill to have for any hero who wants to play a runner. A runner is a hero with high speed and fatigue who runs past monsters to open chests, activate glyphs and collect coins.

Being able to move through enemy figures is already powerful but being able to ignore the effect of obstacles is just sublime. The more expansions you have, the more this skill becomes useful. Rubble? Mud? Ice? These are just a few obstacles you can ignore while moving.

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