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Dark Charm

Overlord Card, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see FAQ, p. 5)

There are 2 copies of the Dark Charm card: one in Journeys in the Dark is part of the base deck and one in the Altar of Despair is a treachery card.

Card Type : Trap
Threat Cost : 8
Treachery Cost : - / 1 (purple)
Discard Value : 2
Effect : Play at the start of your turn and choose one hero. The chosen hero player must roll one power die. If the result is blank, nothing happens. If the result is not a blank, the hero must make one attack that you declare. This attack may target any hero, including the attacking hero, but is subject to the normal attack rules, including range and line of sight.

When the overlord is controlling a hero through Dark Charm, who decides how to spend the surges and power dice? Can the overlord move the character and attack, or just make a single attack without moving? What if the Dark Charmed character has an Aim or Dodge order? Who decides whether defensive abilities such as shields and Ghost Armor are used?

The overlord controls the hero for that attack, including the hero's use of surges and power dice. The overlord may also play cards such as "Aim" with the attack. However, the overlord player cannot move the character, or force the hero to spend fatigue to add to the attack. The overlord may not force the character to use any orders. The hero retains control of any of her defensive options such as shields or Ghost Armor.

How does the timing of Guard interact with Dark Charm? Can I use my Guard order to attack when the overlord plays Dark Charm on me so I don't lose it? Can I use a Guard order to attack the hero the overlord is using Dark Charm on? In either case, can I do so before or after the die is rolled to see if the card takes effect?

Guard orders can interrupt the overlord at any time. However, each action should be resolved in its entirety once it's been begun. (For example, although you can interrupt the overlord if he declares an attack, if you choose not to the attack is resolved in its entirety before you have another chance to use your Guard order. You can't wait to see if the attack missed or not before deciding to Guard.) So, for Dark Charm, once the overlord has played the card you must immediately decide whether to interrupt it with a Guard order. If you choose not to, the overlord proceeds to roll dice and you must wait for the card (and its attack, if any) to be completely resolved. If you interrupt the Dark Charm and kill the target hero, then the card is canceled without further effect.

II - Tactic

a) Overlord's Tactic

Play it wisely! Chances are not that high. The player has 1 chance out of 6 of rolling a blank to avoid the trap and 1 chance out of 6 to miss his attack on his little friend. It's a good timing when a hero has just discovered a blast weapon or when a hero is about to die.

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