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Skill Card, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see FAQ 1.3, p.5)

Skill Type: Fighting
Effect: When you declare a Battle action, you may immediately spend 2 fatigue to gain movement points equal to half your speed (round up) and may make 3 attacks instead of 2 this turn.

Road to Legend

The Knight skill can be learned at Shika's Tree in the Road to Legend Advanced Campaign.

Sea of Blood

The Knight skill is not available in the Sea of Blood Advanced Campaign.


Regarding the Knight Skill: Firstly, when you declare a Battle acion, do you have to spend the fatigue to gain the extra attack from Knight? Secondly, can you do this multiple times per Battle action (i.e. spend 4 fatigue to make 2 extra attacks)?

No; a player with Knight is not forced to use his ability. Secondly, also no; a player may not use his Knight ability multiple times per battle action.

III - Tactics

The Knight skill is one of the most powerful ones even if it means spending fatigue each time. It it is actually a stronger version of the Able Warrior skill. Both skills require the hero to spend 2 fatigue. The hero with Able Warrior can move his full speed, but he can only make 2 attacks instead of 3.

Note that you can also make three ranged or magic attacks, even if it is a fighting skill. A hero that has Knight and a magic weapon with Blast can thus wipe a lot of monsters.

It is a very good skill for Varikas the Dead since he gains 1 fatigue at the beginning of each turn.

In the Advanced campaign, this skill is also very good and does not lose value at the silver and gold levels.

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