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Skill Card, Special Ability, Altar of Despair

I - Rules

(see AOD, p. 9)

Skill Type: Wizardry
Effect: You have the Necromancy ability.

When a hero with the Necromancy ability deals the killing blow to a small (no bigger than one space) normal unnamed monster (and it stays dead, in the event of Undying or other such effects), he may choose to animate that monster. The monster stays on the board and is returned to full health, but is now under the control of the hero. A hero cannot control more than one monster at a time, but may choose to let a monster under his control die in order to animate a new one.

An animated monster moves after the controlling hero's turn ends. The monster activates just like it does for the overlord player, only now it is under the direction of the controlling hero. However, after the monster completes its activation, the controlling hero must roll one power die. If he rolls anything but a power enhancement, the animated monster falls apart and is killed.

Road to Legend

The Necromancy skill can be learned at Nerekhall in the Road to Legend Advanced Campaign.

Sea of Blood

The Necromancy skill can be learned at Orris in the Sea of Blood Advanced Campaign.

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