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Skill Card, Altar of Despair

I - Rules

(see FAQ 1.3, p. 7, 8, 10, 13)

Skill Type: Wizardry
Effect: When making a Magic attack, you may cause the attack to originate from any space up to 10 spaces away that contains a friendly figure (but not a familiar). All aspects of the attack (such as tracing line of sight and calculating range) are done as though you were in that space.

Road to Legend

Spiritwalker is reduced to 5 spaces, not the 10 that is printed on the card.

The Spiritwalker skill can be learned at Shika's Tree in the Road to Legend Advanced Campaign.

Sea of Blood

The Spiritwalker skill is not available in the Sea of Blood Advanced Campaign.


Can abilities with a radius that don't require Line of Sight (Command, Word of Vaal, Spiritwalker, Kirga's hero ability from Altar of Despair, etc.) go through walls and/ or doors? When checking the distance for these abilities, must the target space or figure be reachable by moving a number spaces less than or equal to the radius, or do these abilities work like the Breath example (fly to 7 anywhere within a template, in this case a square of edge length 2xradius + 1 centered on the figure)?

Abilities, not attacks, with a radius may go through doors, but not through walls. These abilities work like the Breath example. Note that attacks cannot go through closed doors.

Do the effects of abilities such as Aura, Spiritwalker, Command, and Kirga's hero ability (from Altar of Despair) extend through staircases?

Only non-area of effect attacks may go through staircases.

Does a hero using Spiritwalker to attack benefit from Command if his actual space is in range of the commander or if the hero through whom he is spiritwalking is in range of the commander?

The attack is made as if the attacker were in the space occupied by his ally, so he only receives the benefit from Command and similar effects if the ally’s square is in range of them. However, the hero is always in range of himself, if he has the Command ability.

Is another hero with Guard allowed to interrupt Tahlia's Guard interrupt movement (e.g. possibly using a more favorable attack position for Spiritwalker)?


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