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Skill Card, Well of Darkness

I - Rules

(see FAQ 1.3, p. 11, 12, 14)

Skill Type: Fighting
Effect: When an enemy figure within 5 spaces of you declares an attack, but before dice are rolled, you may force the figure to target you with that attack if it is able to do so.

Road to Legend

The Taunt skill can be learned at Dawnsmoor in the Road to Legend Advanced Campaign.

Sea of Blood

The Taunt skill is not available in the Sea of Blood Advanced Campaign.


May a Hero with the Taunt skill force a creature with the Morph ability to select Ranged or Magic as its attack type? Basically, if a monster with the Morph ability is in range of a hero with the Taunt skill but not adjacent to said hero, can the Morph monster make a Melee attack even if said hero uses the Taunt skill on it?

The morph goes off first, and then taunt can only be used if the taunting hero is a legal target for that attack type.

Can a figure affected by Taunt be forced to reposition area of effect attacks, such as Breath, Blast, or Bolt?

Yes, if the new target can be legally targeted, the attack must be repositioned.

Sorcerer King Overlord Upgrade - Snipers: Can skeletons be forced to use this ability (ignore one obstacle/ figure blocking line of sight) to target a Hero using the Taunt skill that they couldn't otherwise target?

Yes, if they can draw line of sight (after using the sniper upgrade) then they must target that hero.

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