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Avatar Upgrades

Main Game Concept, Road to Legend


(see RTL, p. 24)

Avatar Upgrades are represented by Avatar Upgrade cards. There are 15 generic Avatar Upgrades that any Avatar can be upgraded with. (These say “Any Avatar” on them.) There are also five Avatar Upgrades specific to each Avatar, which can only be purchased when the overlord has chosen that Avatar for the current campaign.

Avatar Upgrades can improve the Avatar itself, upgrade a specific type of monster, or bring into play a lieutenant for the overlord to command.

The XP cost of each individual Avatar Upgrade card is listed on the card itself, in the upper left corner. Once the cost is paid, the overlord takes the card in question and keeps it faceup on the table during play.


Here is the complete list of Avatar Upgrades in Descent: Road to Legend.

Avatar Upgrade Expansion Cost Avatar Description
Acidic Poison RTL 20 Spider Queen All of your Bane Spiders gain Pierce 2 and Burn.
Arcane Energies RTL 20 Sorcerer King All of your Sorcerers gain Blast 1.
Aura of Pain RTL 20 Demon Prince All of your Demons have their Aura increased by one. In addition, any hero affected by their Aura gains one burn token.
Banefire RTL 15 Demon Prince Your Avatar's attacks gain Blast 1.
Big Trouble RTL 3 Any Place this card in the graveyard before checking to see if the heroes have an encounter. The check automatically indicates an encounter. When determining the encounter, draw three locations and three legal indicents, then choose the encounter's location and incident from those cards.
Bloodthirst RTL 15 Beastman Lord All of your Beastmen may roll one extra black power die when attacking, or may upgrade one power die by one level.
Dark Strength RTL 10 Any Your Avatar rolls one extra gold power die when attacking
Deadly Claws RTL 5 Great Wyrm Instead of making one normal attack with your Avatar, you may instead make two melee attacks of
with Pierce 3 and Poison. If both attacks hit the same target and he survives, roll two black power dice. If both dice show blanks, the target is reduced to 1 wound, regardless of armor.
Desperate Strength RTL 15 Titan When your Avatar is placed on the map and at the end of each of your turns thereafter, place 1 wound token on this card. Your Avatar has Pierce equal to the number of wound tokens on the card.
Diamond Scales RTL 15 Great Wyrm Your Avatar gains the Ironskin ability and +1 armor.
Dragonfear RTL 15 Great Wyrm Your Avatar's Fear rating is increased by one.
Eldritch Lore RTL 10 Any Your hand size is increased by one.
Endless Hunger RTL 15 Demon Prince At the start of your Avatar's activation, all heroes with a line of sight to your Avatar suffer 1 wound (ignoring armor). You gain 3 wounds for each wound a hero loses in this manner.
Enhanced Speed RTL 10 Any Your Avatar gains +1 speed.
Fiery Armor RTL 5 Titan Your Avatar gains +4 armor, and all Pierce attacks targeting your Avatar have their Pierce rating reduced by four. In addition, when your Avatar ends its activation, all heroes adjacent to it suffer 4 wounds (ignoring armor).
Focused RTL 5 Any When you purchase this upgrade, choose and permanently remove four cards from your Overlord deck.
Greater Ogres RTL 15 Titan All of your Ogres gain the Reach ability and gain 5 extra wounds.
Into My Parlour RTL 15 Spider Queen At the start of each dungeon, you may search through your Overlord deck for up to two trap cards and place them facedown on this card. These traps may be played as though they were in your hand, but do not count against your hand limit.
Lawlessness RTL 5 Any Whenever the heroes roll to see if they have an encounter, they roll one extra black power die.
Mountain Giants RTL 15 Titan All of your Giants gain 10 extra wounds.
Phylactery RTL 5 Sorcerer King Your Avatar gains 100 extra wounds.
Protective Magics RTL 10 Any Your Avatar gains +1 armor.
Shadow Clones RTL 15 Beastman Lord When your Avatar is put into play, place two normal Beastman figures adjacent to it to represent your shadow clones. These shadow clones may activate as normal, and have the same wounds, armor, and abilities as your Avatar, except that they do not have Command. Your Avatar cannot be affected by any attack until both clones have been killed.
Siege Engines RTL 15 Any All city Defense ratings are reduced by 1.
Snipers RTL 15 Sorcerer King All of your Skeletons gain +2 range and may ignore one figure or obstacle when drawing line of sight for attacks.
Soul Barrier RTL 5 Demon Prince Your Avatar's Aura now affects any enemy figure that enters a space up to 2 spaces away.
Soul Ward RTL 5 Sorcerer King All surges rolled in any attack targeting your Avatar are canceled without effect,
Spider's Nest RTL 10 Spider Queen Any hero who declares a Battle action while in the final level of your Keep immediately gains one web token. The hero does not get a roll this turn to get rid of that web token.
Spirit Drain RTL 5 Spider Queen When your Avatar makes an attack that inflicts at least 1 wound to a hero (after armor is applied), your Avatar gains twice as many wounds as she inflicted. If multiple heroes are wounded by the same attack, your Avatar gains twice as many wounds as she inflicted on each hero.
The Elder Race RTL 15 Great Wyrm All of your Dragons gain the Unstoppable ability.
Toughened RTL 5 Any Your Avatar gains 15 extra wounds.
Transport Gem RTL 8 Any Place this card in the graveyard to move one of your lieutenants to any legal location on the Terrinoth map, one time. Any Quest Items that lieutenant may have been carrying are left behind.
Wraithform RTL 5 Beastman Lord Your Avatar gains the Flying, Ironskin, and Unstoppable abilities.
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