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Main Game Concept, Road to Legend

I - Rules

(see RTL, p. 12)

Encounters Involving Lieutenants

When the heroes attack, or are attacked by, a lieutenant, an encounter ensues that is similar – although not identical to – a normal encounter.

First, rather than drawing an Incident card, the overlord uses the lieutenant’s card as the encounter’s Incident card. There is no ambush check for encounters involving lieutenants; such encounters are always set up in non-ambush circumstances.

Second, the overlord gains access to a small number of cards in an encounter when a lieutenant is involved. He automatically puts into play, for free, at the start of the encounter, the Power card named on the lieutenant card under the portrait (for example, “DOOM!” for Sir Alric Farrow). In addition, if the overlord has any treachery, he may spend it on a hand of cards. Each card added to his hand in this way costs its normal treachery cost. Additionally, two cards without a treachery cost can be added to his hand for one treachery of the correct type (although Power cards can’t be added to his hand at all). Cards in the overlord’s hand may be used normally during the encounter, either played or discarded for threat. However, each card is a one-shot opportunity: once a card has been played during an encounter, it’s gone for the rest of the encounter.

Third, a lieutenant in an encounter may “Battle” (attack twice without moving) and “Run” (move up to twice its speed with attacking) as heroes do.

Fourth, a lieutenant can Reinforce any kind of normal monster listed as one of its legal minions on its lieutenant card. For example, Sir Alric Farrow can Reinforce Beastmen, Razorwings, Hell Hounds, and Sorcerers. The threat cost to Reinforce one monster of a given type is listed below.

Fifth, a lieutenant may flee off of the board through an exit space just like a hero. Doing so ends the encounter in a party victory, and moves the lieutenant to the Overlord’s Keep. Any Quest Item the lieutenant was carrying is left behind for the heroes to take.

Sixth, if a hero kills the lieutenant, the heroes gain 250 coins and 4 conquest tokens (instead of the usual 100 coins and 2 conquest they get for killing an encounter’s leader). This also ends the encounter in a party victory immediately, as the other monsters on the map flee in terror. The lieutenant card is placed in the graveyard box, and is no longer available to the overlord.


When purchased as an upgrade, a lieutenant begins play on the Terrinoth map at the Overlord’s Keep.

If a lieutenant begins a game week in a city, he can besiege it. To do so, the overlord places a siege token on the city, unless there are already siege tokens equal to the city’s Defense rating there. If there are siege tokens equal to the city’s Defense rating, the overlord rolls a power die. On a surge, the city is razed. Otherwise, the siege tokens simply remain in place.

A lieutenant may move along one trail of any type each week during the Overlord Actions step. Lieutenants can’t move into Legendary Areas or Secret Master Areas.

If a lieutenant ends its movement on the hero party’s current location, he can attack the heroes.

A lieutenant’s statistics vary with the campaign level; each lieutenant card lists statistics for Copper, Silver, and Gold campaign levels.

When involved in an encounter with a lieutenant, the overlord is allowed a small hand of cards, even though the overlord doesn’t normally use Overlord cards during encounters.

Lieutenants, unlike most monsters, can “Battle” and “Run” like heroes. Lieutenants can also flee from encounters the same way heroes can.

When a lieutenant’s position on the Terrinoth map is at, or within one trail’s length of, a dungeon the hero party is exploring, that lieutenant can fortify that dungeon, which allows the overlord to put the Power card listed under the lieutenant’s portrait into play for free. (Or, in the case of Lord Merick Farrow, to gain an extra 15 threat.)

When a lieutenant is killed in combat, his card is placed in the graveyard box, which means he is permanently dead and can never be re-introduced to that campaign.

II - References

Below is the list of all 17 lieutenants in Descent.

Lieutenant Expansion Cost Avatar
Dar Hilzernod RTL 20 Great Wyrm
Darkwind SOB 12 Master of the Hunt
Gata the White Death RTL 13 Beastman Lord
Kar-Amag-Atoth RTL 16 Demon Prince
Kratz the Plague RTL 12 Beastman Lord
Krieg the Relentless RTL 14 Sorcerer King
Lady Eliza Farrow RTL 11 Any
Lord Merick Farrow RTL 10 Any
Sir Alric Farrow RTL 0 Any
Slaggorrath RTL 17 Spider Queen
Soriss SOB 14 Mistress of Serpents
Sweetheart SOB 13 Captain Bones
Thaadd the Destroyer RTL 15 Titan
The Ghost Ship SOB 15 Any
The Kraken SOB 10 Any
The Siren SOB 5 Any
The Void SOB 20 The Count
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