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Location Cards

Main Game Concept, Road to Legend

I - Rules

(see RTL, p. 13)

Incident cards without a prominent “non-combat” designation generate combat encounters. When these cards are drawn, the overlord shuffles all of the Location cards and draws one. The Location card shows the map on which the battle will take place, and describes a special rule that applies to the battleground. Once a Location card has been drawn, the overlord assembles the map as shown on it, and leaves the card out for easy reference.

II - References

Here is the complete list of Locations in Descent: Road to Legend and Tomb of Ice.

Location Expansion Description
Ancient Grove RTL Enormous Oaks
Trees on this map block movement.
Box Canyon RTL Ambush Site
The overlord takes his turn first during this encounter.
Butterfly Meadow RTL Uplifting Atmosphere
The heroes are each healed of 4 wounds before this encounter begins.
Corrupted Forest RTL Dark Taint
Heroes suffer 2 wounds (ignoring armor) each time they place an order.
Frozen Pass TOI Below Freezing
All water spaces are treated as ice spaces.
Haunted Trail RTL Blood Curse
All figures have -1 armor.
Hedge Maze TOI Thorns
All figures entering a tree space suffer 1 wound (ignoring armor).
Hidden Creek RTL Mysterious Aura
All magic attacks have -1 range and -1 damage.
Marshy Valley RTL Bog
It costs 1 extra movement point to enter any space that is adjacent to water.
Narrow Path RTL Abundant Cover
No attack can affect more than one figure (attacker's choice).
Peaceful Glade RTL Holy Calm
Figures cannot roll more than 3 power dice on any attack.
Quiet Pond RTL Stillness
The heroes cannot be ambushed.
Secure Clearing RTL Easily Defended
All melee attacks have -2 damage.
Shadowy Copse RTL Deep Shadows
Figures cannot trace line of sight further than 3 spaces away.
Snowy Woods RTL Blanket of Snow
No figure make move more spaces than its speed during its turn.
Stormy Stream RTL Howling Winds
All ranged attacks have -3 range.
Swollen Stream RTL Raging River
Any figure ending its turn next to a water space suffers 1 wound (ignoring armor).

Below are the thumbnails of the location cards.

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