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Héros de Légende - Camino a la Leyenda - Wege zum Ruhm

Road to Legend (RTL)


I - Overview

The Road to Legend is the third expansion to Descent : Journey in the Dark. It introduces a whole new style of play called the Advanced Campaign. In this lenghtly campaign, which can stretch over many weeks and game sessions, the overlord incarnates an Avatar who can take the form of a mighty Titan, for example, or a Dragon. Hiding in his lair, this avatar plans to enslave the world, become a god or plunge everyone in a permanent darkness with the help of his Lieutenants.

Descent: Road to Legend

Meanwhile, the (yet to be) heroes start their journey in the city of Tamalir and evolve slowly in the land of Terrinoth, exploring dungeons, encountering foes in the wilderness and saving all the money they can to buy new items and get the training they require. With the necessary equipment, the party can also travel by boat or follow secret trails to go from one location to the other, always keeping an eye on the Lieutenants who can siege and raze cities to ashes.

Week by week, the game progesses through the 4 different stages of the campaign (copper, silver, gold and diamond), stages that limit the power of both sides. Heroes, for example, cannot find or buy gold treasure during the Silver campaign while the overlord cannot upgrade all of his monsters. The game ends during the final battle or if the evil plot has been realized.

The full rules (without the quests) can be downloaded in PDF format on the Descent support page of Fantasy Flight Games' website.

II - Components

Note: after buying a new expansion, make sure you have all the components listed below. Some players have reported missing or wrong components. However, it is said that Fantasy Fligh Game's service is really good and that they will send you the missing ones.

1 Rulebook (the second part of which is a Quest Guide)

10 Dice

6 Avatar Sheets

6 Boxes

1 Pad of Campaign Sheets

1 Terrinoth Map Board

220 Cards

22 Double-sided Map Pieces

23 Prop Markers

43 Terrinoth Map Markers

3 Large Lieutenant Markers

6 Sleeping Effect Tokens

4 Money Tokens

18 Wound Tokens

95 Training Tokens

7 Miscellaneous Tokens

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