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Sea of Blood (SOB)


I - Overview

The Sea of Blood is the sixth expansion to Descent: Journey in the Dark. It has been announced at the GenCon 2009 and officially on FFG website the 25th of August.

Descent: Sea of Blood

The Sea of Blood is a stand alone expansion that only requires the base box set to play. Like the Road to Legend, the Sea of Blood explains all the necessary rules to play the Advanced campaign. Some cards can be used in both expansions, but they are not meant to be combined to form a huge scale campaign.

The sea map where the party evolves is Torue Albes and is supposed to be based on a map of Runebound (the Isle of Dread). The party will be traveling on board the Revenge, a ship that they will be able to upgrade with things such as additionnal cannons.

Players who already own the Road to Legend will find 4 new Avatars (the Master of the Hunt, The Count, the Mistress of Serpents and Captain Bones), 7 new Lieutenants, 3 new plots and many additional cards.

The full rules (without the quests) can be downloaded in PDF format on the Descent support page of Fantasy Flight Games' website.


This FAQ is available in PDF format on the official site.

Q: What do I need to own in order to play Sea of Blood?

Descent: Journeys in the Dark is the only thing you need.

Q: If I own the other expansions, to what extent are they compatible with Sea of Blood?

All of the other expansions, except Road to Legend, can be included.

Q: Is Sea of Blood compatible with Road to Legend? Can I combine the two games?

No. However, a Sea of Blood campaign is able to have the Rumors and Dungeons from Road to Legend added in. No other components can be added to the Sea of Blood campaign. Characters currently engaged in a Road to Legend campaign are not able to travel to the Sea of Blood as part of their campaign. Sea of Blood is an expansion to Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and does not require, nor can it use, Road to Legend.

Q: What exactly do you mean when you say the advanced campaign system has been streamlined? What notable changes have been made?

The rules for running an advanced campaign, what skills are able to be used, the disparity between the Overlord and the hero party leveling up, and the impact of rumors on the game are a few of the items that have been addressed in Sea of Blood. Over the coming weeks we will be spoiling more of the mechanics and rules to this epic new expansion.

Q: Does Sea of Blood have any outdoor encounters?

Outdoor encounters all occur on the sea side of the included map, and all dungeons have their first level on the island side of the included map. There are no outdoor tiles included with Sea of Blood.

Q: What new figures come with Sea of Blood?

Sea of Blood does not have any figures associated with it. There are two new monsters, the Bloodsquid and the Daggertooth Shark, which are represented by tokens. The tokens are inserted into stands, much like the doors, to stand up vertically on the maps.

As an added bonus, Nara the Fang, a promotional hero, is included in the first print run (these copies will be identified with a sticker). She is not needed to play Sea of Blood, she is just included as an added bonus. Enjoy!

Q: Will the sea encounters feature land-based creatures?

Sea encounters will be able to incorporate land-based creatures. Opposing ships, flight, and the new “Swim” ability will allow for some truly intense sea battles.

Q: How many new rumors come with Sea of Blood?


Q: Can the non-Avatar specific Lieutenants from Road to Legend be used?


Q: Do I need the campaign monster cards from Road to Legend?

No, the campaign monster cards are included in Sea of Blood.

Q: Are there legendary dungeons?


Q: What are the x marks the spot locations?

These are Treasure Sites. We will be going into more detail in the weeks to come.

Q: How big is the sea/island map?

33” x 27”

III - Components

Note: after buying a new expansion, make sure you have all the components listed below. Some players have reported missing or wrong components. However, it is said that Fantasy Fligh Game's service is really good and that they will send you the missing ones.

1 Rulebook (the second part of which is a Quest Guide)

10 Dice (5 Silver Power Dice and 5 Gold Power Dice)

4 Avatar Sheets

6 Boxes (4 Hero Boxes, 1 Overlord Box, and 1 Graveyard Box)

1 Pad of Campaign Sheets

1 Torue Albes Map Board

1 Ocean/Island Poster Map

220 Cards

3 Double-sided Map Pieces

8 Double-sided Ship Pieces

32 Double-sided Cannon Markers

38 Prop Markers

10 Plastic Shark Fin and Tentacle Stands

24 Torue Albes Map Markers

2 Large Lieutenant Markers

8 Bleed Tokens

4 Money Tokens

18 Wound Tokens

96 Training Tokens

15 Miscellaneous Tokens

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