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Skill Cards

Main Game Concept, Journeys in the Dark


(see JITD, p. 5, 20)

The hero players each draw three of these cards at the beginning of the game. Skill cards are divided into three decks: fighting, subterfuge, and magic. The decks from which a specific hero draws are determined by the hero's starting skills, as listed on his character sheet. For example, Red Scorpion draws one card each from the fighting, subterfuge, and wizardry decks.

Skill cards are drawn at the start of the game and placed face up in front of the hero players. A hero player keeps the same skill cards all game long (although he can purchase additional skill cards in town) and may use them as often as they allow. Skill cards are never discarded.

Fighting skill cards typically enhance a hero's ability to make Melee attacks and to survive damage. Warriors have the most training in Fighting skills.

Subterfuge skills typically enhance a hero's ability to make Ranged attacks and to move around the board. Thieves and assassins have the most training in Subterfuge skills.

Wizardry skills typically enhance a hero's ability to make Magic attacks or provide a unique magical ability. Wizards, witches, and priests have the most training in Wizardry skills.


Below is the complete list of all 84 skills in Descent. Sort by clicking on any header or sort multiple columns simultaneously by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third or even fourth column header.

Skill Expansion Type Availability (RTL) Availability (SOB)
Able Warrior JITD Fighting Shika's Tree Dagger's Isle
Acrobat JITD Subterfuge Dawnsmoor -
Alchemist SOB Wizardry - Gafford
Alertness JITD Subterfuge Shika's Tree -
Alex the Wise SOB Wizardry - Shellport
Ambidextrous JITD Subterfuge Forge Dallak
Appraiser AOD Subterfuge Dawnsmoor Orris
Bardic Lore AOD Wizardry - -
Battle Cry JITD Fighting Dawnsmoor Gafford
Bear Tattoo WOD Fighting not used (see FAQ 1.3, p.13) -
Berserker AOD Fighting Dawnsmoor Orris
Blessing JITD Wizardry Vynelvale Tarianor
Boggs the Rat JITD Wizardry Riverwatch Trelton
Born to the Bow WOD Subterfuge Vynelvale Gafford
Brawler AOD Fighting Dawnsmoor Shellport
Brawny AOD Fighting - -
Brin's Mark SOB Wizardry - Dallak
Burglar WOD Subterfuge Dawnsmoor Orris
Captain SOB Fighting - Hardell
Cautious JITD Subterfuge Forge Dallak
Cleaving JITD Fighting Olmric's Hut Gray's Vale
Counterattack SOB Fighting - Dagger's Isle
Crack Shot JITD Subterfuge Vynelvale Gafford
Dead Eye SOB Subterfuge - Shellport
Defender SOB Fighting - Gafford
Deflect Arrows JITD Subterfuge Tamalir -
Die Hard SOB Fighting - Dallak
Divine Retribution JITD Wizardry Frostgate -
Eagle Eye WOD Subterfuge Frostgate Gafford
Earth Pact WOD Wizardry Nerekhall -
Enduring JITD Fighting Forge Dallak
Evasion SOB Subterfuge - Dallak
Fire Pact WOD Wizardry Nerekhall Hardell
Furr the Spirit Wolf WOD Fighting Riverwatch -
Gunner SOB Subterfuge - Hardell
Hand of Death SOB Wizardry - Gray's Vale
Holy Aura JITD Wizardry Vynelvale Tarianor
Inner Fire JITD Wizardry Tamalir Garnott
Keen Sight SOB Subterfuge - Tarianor
Knight JITD Fighting Shika's Tree -
Koll's Mark SOB Wizardry - Dallak
Leadership JITD Fighting Vynelvale -
Lightfinger SOB Subterfuge - Trelton
Lucky WOD Subterfuge Frostgate Shellport
Mage Cloak SOB Wizardry - Tarianor
Marksman JITD Subterfuge Tamalir Garnott
Master Archer JITD Subterfuge Forge Garnott
Mata and Kata JITD Wizardry Riverwatch Trelton
Mighty JITD Fighting Tamalir Garnott
Necromancy AOD Wizardry Nerekhall Orris
Nimble SOB Fighting - Shellport
Ox Tattoo WOD Fighting Frostgate Trelton
Parry JITD Fighting Tamalir -
Pickpocket AOD Subterfuge Dawnsmoor Orris
Piercing Shot SOB Subterfuge - Gray's Vale
Precision JITD Subterfuge Vynelvale Gafford
Prodigy JITD Wizardry Greyhaven Garnott
Quick Casting JITD Wizardry Olmric's Hut Dagger's Isle
Ranger AOD Subterfuge - -
Ran's Mark SOB Wizardry - Dallak
Rapid Fire JITD Subterfuge Olmric's Hut -
Relentless JITD Fighting Forge Gafford
Runner SOB Fighting - Dallak
Saj's Mark SOB Wizardry - Dallak
Shadow Soul AOD Subterfuge Riverwatch -
Shark Tattoo SOB Fighting - Tarianor
Sharr the Brightwing AOD Wizardry - -
Skilled JITD Subterfuge Forge -
Spiritwalker AOD Wizardry Shika's Tree -
Spry SOB Fighting - Shellport
Swashbuckler SOB Fighting - Gray's Vale
Swift JITD Subterfuge Frostgate -
Taunt WOD Fighting Dawnsmoor -
Telekinesis JITD Wizardry not used (see FAQ 1.3, p.13) -
Tiger Tattoo AOD Fighting Frostgate Trelton
Tough JITD Fighting Forge Orris
Trickster SOB Subterfuge - Dagger's Isle
Unmovable JITD Fighting Forge -
Vampiric Blood JITD Wizardry Nerekhall Orris
Water Pact WOD Wizardry Greyhaven -
Weapon Mastery JITD Fighting Vynelvale Garnott
Wild Talent JITD Wizardry Frostgate Hardell
Willpower JITD Wizardry Tamalir -
Wind Pact WOD Wizardry Greyhaven Hardell


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