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Special Abilities

Main Game Concept, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see JITD, p. 22)

Some special abilities have ranks (e.g., Fear 2 or Blast 1). The effects of these ranks are always explained in the ability description. If a hero or monster gains a given special ability from more than one source, any ranks the ability has are added together. For example, if a hero gains Blast 1 and Blast 2 from two different items, the hero gains Blast 3 on appropriate attacks.

Personnal Interpretation

The rules are not always clear about ranks for special abilities, but I consider that if a special ability has never been seen with a rank next to it on any card of the game and the description of the special ability in the rulebooks doesn't mention anything about ranks, the effect cannot stack.

II - References

Here is the complete list of special abilities in Descent.

Special Ability Expansion Has Ranks / Effect Stacks
Aura JITD Yes. Ex.: Shiver.
Bash AOD No.
Berserk AOD Yes, in RTL only. Ex.: Blood Apes in RTL.
Black Curse AOD No.
Blast JITD Yes. Ex.: Lava Beetles.
Bleed WOD No.
Bolt WOD No.
Breath JITD No.
Burn JITD No.
Command JITD Yes. Ex.: Master Beastmen in RTL.
Constrict SOB No.
Dark Prayer AOD No.
Daze WOD No.
Fear JITD Yes. Ex.: Dragons.
Fly JITD No.
Frost AOD No.
Ghost TOI No.
Grapple JITD No.
Ironskin WOD No.
Knockback JITD No.
Leap AOD No.
Leech WOD No.
Morph AOD No.
Necromancy AOD No.
Pierce JITD Yes. Ex.: Skeletons.
Poison JITD No.
Reach JITD Yes (in RTL at least).
Regeneration RTL Yes. Ex.: Sir Alric Farrow.
Reinforce RTL No.
Quick Shot JITD No.
Shadowcloak AOD No.
Soar RTL No.
Sorcery JITD Yes. Ex.: Sorcerers.
Stealth TOI No.
Stun JITD No.
Swallow TOI No.
Swarm WOD No.
Sweep JITD No.
Swim SOB No.
Tentacle SOB Yes.
Tread Ice TOI No.
Trickster WOD Yes. Ex.: Master Kobolds in RTL.
Undying JITD No.
Unstoppable WOD No.
Web JITD No.
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