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City, Road to Legend

I - Rules

(see RTL, p. 21, 22, 25)

Although Tamalir does not rule the other cities, it is by far the greatest of them. Its fantastic artworks and scientific marvels have awed generations. More than any other city, Tamalir is the heart and soul of Terrinoth.

Market: 2
Defense: 4
Alchemist: 2
Temple: 5
Training Ground: Traits: Melee, Ranged, Magic.
Skills: Deflect Arrows, Inner Fire, Marksman, Mighty, Parry, Willpower.
Special: Hometown. The heroes may purchase upgrades for Tamalir.

Upgrading Tamalir

If the heroes end a given week’s party action in Tamalir, they can use their growing notoriety to convince its rulers to improve the city.

Each possible improvement for Tamalir is represented by a Tamalir Upgrade card, each of which lists an XP cost in its upper left corner. To upgrade Tamalir, the party chooses one of the remaining (i.e., not yet purchased) Tamalir Upgrade cards. Then, each hero pays the listed cost, in full. The upgrade then takes effect, with the purchased card being placed near the Terrinoth map, and stored in one of the hero boxes between game sessions.

The party may only purchase one Tamalir Upgrade card per game week, which takes effect only after all other elements of the party action have been completed. Purchasing a Tamalir Upgrade does not interfere with or prevent the heroes from doing other things in Tamalir that game week (e.g., visiting the Alchemist, training at the Training Ground, etc.), but the effect of the newly purchased card does not benefit them that week.

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