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Tomb of Ice (TOI)



The Tomb of Ice is the fourth and latest expansion to Descent: Journey in the Dark. It introduces a new system of Feats. With feats, heroes now have a few cards in their hand to surprise the Overlord and try to counter his plans. Feats give more power to the heroes regarding game balance.

Descent: Tomb of Ice

Heroes. The new heroes introduced in the Tomb of Ice are quite creative compared to the previous expansions. Using the new rules with feat cards, they created a hero that can use them more than other characters, Arvel Worldwalker, and some kind of yeti that has 5 Melee traits but only 2 starting skills, Karnon. Then comes Laughin Buldar, a bearded warrior who can use a two-handed weapon with a single hand, the sneaky Okaluk and Rakash, the dreaded Shiver with aura 4 and Zyla, a little fairy or sprite who can fly and ignore attacks made by adjacent enemies.

Monsters. The new minions have interesting concepts but are not the most powerful. Well, it is true that the Ice Wyrm can swallow heroes... Lava Beetles, can do blast attacks, Medusae can stun with their gaze but are easily destroyed and Wendigos are just big, furry and vicious dogs. The last monster, the Shade, deals really low damage but is really difficult to kill and makes just the perfect guardian for unactivated glyphs and chests.

The Tomb of Ice also introduces new special abilities such as Ghost, Stealth, Swallow and Thread Ice, new props, items and map pieces.

The full rules (without the quests) can be downloaded in PDF format on the Descent support page of Fantasy Flight Games' website.


Note: after buying this new expansion, make sure you have all the components listed below. Some players have reported missing or wrong components. However, it is said that Fantasy Fligh Game's service is really good and that they will send you the missing ones.

1 Rulebook (the second half of which is a Quest Guide)

6 Hero Sheets

6 Plastic Heroes

21 Monsters

110 Cards

1 Stomach Tile

43 Map Pieces

26 Prop Markers

1 Clear-colored Stealth Die

10 Treasure Markers

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